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UYR - Up Yer Balearics!!

Standing in the DJ box with Sasha and Jeremy Healy watching M-People.. This is an Ibiza 95 adventure.. this is Up Yer Ronson..

DJ magazine catches up with the UYR crew for a bit of misbehaviour in the Ibiza sun. Hailing from Leeds, headed by Tony Hannan and opening at the Music Factory in 1992 the Up Yer Ronson moniker was reportedly a reflection of opinion on the rest of club culture at the time. You really don't get anything like this anymore. What transpires in the interview is the stuff of legend..

The concept is simple enough..
Up Yer Balearics!
Freakout's occur on a nightly basis now..
We get all the Ronson's, their DJ crew, their special guests together up at the super swishy Pikes Hotel..
Sasha, meanwhile , seems intent on topping up his nightclub tan. As the sun beats down in the high 80s , he sits in a darkened room acting out something akin to fear and loathing in the Balearics..
UYR lay down their party promoting abilities impeccably at their final hoe down..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - September 1995

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