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John Digweed - FFRReedom 1993

You're probably wondering what was on that tape that made Geoff Oakes take on John as the resident DJ at Renaissance. So go on John spill the beans, what's you're secret recipe?

When the John Digweed FFRR mixtape dropped it was something a little different. According to the brief from then label A&R man Phil Howells (ex Hooj Choons) it needed to include classics, the year was 1993. The mix was part of a series from DJ Magazine that consisted of a free gift cassette that was taped to the front of the magazine. All tapes were accompanied with a feature article. Others in the series included Union City Records, Limbo, Strictly Rhythm and Guerilla. All were label showcase type mixes that have gone on to be collectible alongside the respective magazines. I have to say at the time it did seem a little odd choosing the then Renaissance resident to select and mix what is unquestionably a straight up house label but looking back now it reflects how little DJs and clubs pigeon holed themselves, and how wide open many record boxes were to multiple genres.

Double page spread for the May 1993 edition of DJ Magazine
Every track was different so it was quite hard to mix - John Digweed

Original article appeared in DJ Magazine - May 1993


The Mix

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