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Gaetan Schurrer - Dance Music Mastery

The first in a very occasional series of PHC live interviews..

We got to sit down with one of the most important guys in nineties dance. For those of you not aware of Gaetan Schurrer, along with Tom Frederikse he was part of Sasha's original production team working on all the singles, remixes and the Northern Exposure albums. Here we sit down and discuss amongst other things the Hysterix - Talk To Me remix, working on War of The Worlds with Jeff Wayne, production in the nineties, the Northern Exposure projects and of course Sasha. Many thanks to Gaeten for such an insightful entertaining look at dance music in the nineties and beyond.

Title: PHC Introducing: Dance Music Mastery with Gaetan Schurrer

Interviewers: Jay Dobie Marcus Stubbs

Interview Location: UK & Australia

Interview Date: February 2024

Interview Time: 90mins

PHC - 'Can you share a memorable studio moment or anecdote from working together on a project that defined your relationship with Sasha?'
Gaeten - I do have a story yes..

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