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1991/92 - What were we thinking?

We came out of 1991 swinging, things were about to get very interesting..

Its seems so long ago now, 1992. For many of us we had transitioned from Electro in the eighties to a new sound and youth culture. Acid house was arguably the biggest movement the UK had ever seen and it changed our lives. After those heady days we approached the nineties with a purpose, the UK was changing, The Eclipse in Coventry boasted the very first all night licence, the music was developing, progressing and you were spoilt for choice with club nights and parties. We lived for the weekend, it was never about one night in one location, we toured, we sampled every event the country had to offer. It of course made sense for DJ mag to open up the year with a readers poll of 'whats hot and whats not' based on everyone's experiences in 1991 and then Mixmag to finish us off with the 'shite, hype and whole point' at the end of 92.. It was a seminal time in the development of UK house music, I personally had many great friends around me and we were living the dream, what a time it was.. Here's the general consensus on the dawn of the nineties..

No1 Rave DJ: Sasha... No1 Mobile DJ: Carl Cox
Best Sound System: Ministry of Sound
Poor old progressive house, one of the biggest hypes of the year..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - February 1992

Article originally appeared in Mixmag - December 1992

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