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Remixing Hits - 1995

Record companies spend huge amounts of money on remixes and its a huge gamble as they have to recoup all the money - Andy Thompson Virgin Records 1995

There was a time when remixing was a lucrative business. A track gets released and to maximise exposure a remix would be commissioned. Looking back it was an incredibly exciting time in dance music. Its taken for granted now with record companies providing their own in house remixes, almost music by numbers, shallow and lacking any real soul. When the concept first started it really did yield some phenomenal results many of which crossed over into the progressive landscape.

Many top remixers receive fees in excess of £10,000 which is guaranteed regardless of whether the record is a hit or not..
If a remixer completes an entirely new version of the song he should be entitled to a share of its royalties and copyright.
We are in favour of receiving a percentage of the royalty of the record - Paul Roberts K-Klass

Article first appeared in DJ Magazine - June 1995

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