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Tony De Vit - Up the Brum..

You got me Burning Up..

While perhaps Tony De Vit may not be regarded as a progressive house DJ, for anybody that heard him play back in the early to mid-nineties his sets would always include tracks from the genre. Much of the time this was mixed up with what would go on to be termed 'hard house' and many of these productions could arguably be described as a natural progression from the inimitably British progressive sound. With a career that included some amazing residencies, production and remix work and a 1995 award for best Essential Mix of the year I think its fair to say that if Tony was still with us he would quite possibly be as big as Sasha or Digweed. (RIP Tony De Vit 1957-1998)

Note the copy of 'Spooky - Gargantuan' on the desk..

His beat-mixing is second to none - He could be called Mr Metronome..
As a mixer Tony is more of a master chef..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - April 1995

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