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The Drum Club Split..

First appeared in Muzik magazine 1996

The Drum Club have split. After three highly acclaimed albums, Charlie Hall and Lol Hammond have decided to go their separate ways. The Drum Club, who have recorded for labels like Guerilla, Big Life and Saberettes, were one of the foremost acts to emerge from the early Nineties progressive house scene, as well as being among the pioneers of fully live techno and trance music. Hall said; “We were due to write the next album in Ireland. We had hired this holiday cottage for a few weeks, but then Lol called me up and said his Slab project (with Saberettes boss Nina Walsh) had far to many commitments. I told him that if the Drum Club wasn't a priority, we ought to call it a day. Ive ended up doing more sparse, minimal house and techno, while Lol has gone on to, dare I say it, the next fashionable thing. There's absolutely NO animosity between us though. We're still drinking mates".

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