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Spencer Baldwin - Perfection

Meet the guy who signed amongst others Quivver & Tilt to Perfecto Records.. name - Spencer Baldwin.

He began working as a rep for Phonogram, before joining MCA in Club Promotions. After a brief spell at WEA he moved to become A&R man for East West, mainly looking after the Perfecto label.

Perfecto of course needs no introduction to most DJs and clubbers. Founded by Paul Oakenfold in 1989 the label was dominant in the mid nineties with a catalogue of genre defining releases. This arguably (and I think most would agree) was Perfecto's peak period, the label was almost untouchable... Think 1993 and the floor missile 'Not Over Yet' by State of Grace as the beginning... a taster of things to come if you like, then forward to 1995 and the string of productions/remixes from the likes of BT, Quivver and Tilt, tracks that graced most record boxes and turntables throughout that nineties clubland period...

Perfecto 1995/96 Highlights


BT - Embracing The Sunshine

Moziac - Sing It

BT - Loving You More

Quivver - Believe In Me

Tilt - I Dream

BT - Quark

BT - Divinity

Grace - Skin On Skin

Jelle Boufon - Hope

Zee - Dreamtime

Legend B - Lost In Love

The ethic of Perfecto is riskier than most other labels.. Paid off though didn't it..

Two great examples of the nineties Perfecto sound..

Full discography available here

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