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Sly & Lovechild - Billy Idol Sneers & Lizard King Leathers..

Now hopefully at some point in the future we'll get to speak to Simon Lovechild about his amazing production career, and it really is amazing to have been behind some defining prog classics, but in the meantime, an April 1992 Mixmag interview.

Now as you'll see, we have a serious prog heritage...

Pure Records present a Flying special with special guests Sly and Lovechild

Sly & Lovechild Classics

The World According To.. Andy Weatherall Mix

Spirit Of Destiny.. Justin Robertson Mix

Rainbow.. Red Mix

Spirit Of Destiny.. Devastation Dub

And just as a reminder... a selection of Simon Lovechild's varied production credentials..


Dark Days

Cry Freedom

It all speaks for itself.. which one would you pick ?

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