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Shave Yer Tongue - Scott James Remembers..

Article first appeared in Muzik magazine 1996

Shave Yer Tongue: Legendary one of a kind Sunday night shenanigans based at Simpsons in Bracknell. If you had the stamina after a Saturday night at the likes of Love Ranch, you would likely find your way out to Full Circle in the day then onto a night like Strutt, or, SYT on the Sunday..

Scott James on his classic SHAVE YER TONGUE club in Bracknell

THE club received its name one Sunday morning, when we'd been out all night and my mate said he needed to shave his tongue. It had been that sort of weekend. The club began in October 1990 at the ring in Bracknell. I was the resident DJ and co-promoted it with Moira. It ran every Sunday for about 2 years and, after that, once a month. It was a combination of all the regular clubs that were off the beaten track at the time , like Queens, Passion and Yikes.

Ours was a relaxing club. We were supposed to finish at midnight but often went on until one or two. We had our own door staff so there were no pushy bouncers. The club was underneath a multi-storey car park so it was genuinely 'underground' !

It started off well and was full to capacity every Sunday. We had coaches coming from Liverpool, Nottingham and Brighton. It was unbelievable.

We had everyone down there. Andrew Weatherall was the first to play, followed by Rocky & Diesel, Alfredo, Sasha (we were one of the first clubs to use Sasha down south), Kevin Saunderson, Terry Farley, Phil Perry and Justin Robertson.

With our booking policy, we were pushing the best music around. These DJs were fresh and exciting. They played really challenging music, which was probably why people travelled to come to the club. We had a nice backroom where we played leftfield music, while the main room was really banging. There was a good musical scope in both rooms. It had one of the most energetic atmospheres I can remember. The DJs played as if their lives depended on it.

Bank holidays were always special, people used to flood in after their weekend. The most interesting night was when it started to rain with condensation from the ceiling. It was mad. Andy Weatherall was playing and had to stop because of water falling on his records. We had to rig up a curtain to keep the decks dry. Andy trashed a lot of his best records that night. He didn't seem bothered though!

Images featured are from the SYT Facebook group and Phatmedia - Shave Yer Tongue

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