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Sasha - The first DJ pin up..

Sasha - "Putting on a piano house track and getting them to put their hands in the air that used to be my trademark now everyone's doing it.."

I always remember my first experience of a Sasha tape way back in the early nineties, it was a serious change to much of what I'd been listening to and, between me and my friends not one of us had any idea who this was. At that point little did we know this guy was huge up north and would eventually go on to superstar status. What that first tape did was make all of us hunt down more tapes and then go to see this DJ live.. boy did he live up to the hype, so many memories of those early years.. This is one of the first big interviews Sasha did before the upgrade to progressive house when he was still smashing out those classic pianos..

For Sasha DJing is a love of music..

The constant enthusiasm as he talks about music is evident..
His cult is still biggest in the north..
"People now expect a spectacle because there is such a big hype around my name"

Article first appeared in Mixmag - December 1991

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