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Sasha - On top of the world

Fantastic 10 page interview with 'the man like', here we get a great snap shot of life on the road, talk Global Underground, clubs in Ibiza and remixing. Still one of the worlds most in demand DJs twenty years after this was published, embodying the phenomenon of THE superstar DJ..

1991 Sasha makes his first visit to Ibiza courtesy of a guy from Shaboo.. the pre-Shelleys club.
Spending quality time with Sasha is something of a rarity..
As a consequence of his self confessed constant quest for perfection..
The new Millennium should also, hopefully, bring Sasha's long awaited debut album..
I have tried it a few times but to be honest I'm shit at it..
The great thing about Twilo is..
The first time someone asked me for an autograph I told them to fuck off..
I'm going to go retro.. look back to look forward..
Global Underground: Sasha Ibiza

Article originally appeared in M8 magazine - 1999

Head over to the PHC Mix Collection for Sasha live mixes

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