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Champions - Sasha

Write up first appeared in the group in December 2008

In mid 1987 The Hacienda was still full of people dressed up for a night out, Foot Patrol danced on the stage for the punters, drinking and pulling were order of the day. Its reported Sasha made several visits in jeans, blazer and black and white shirt back then…

Fast forward 3 months and something happened… Acid House. Everyone was wearing bandannas and smiley face tops. Sasha thinks ‘what the fu*k?’…. then he gets it, the music sinks in and he knows he has to be involved, consequently he moves to Manchester and supports himself in telesales, he’s making money and this means he can start buying records. At this point Sasha is living in Disley just outside Manchester and every Thursday a mobile DJ is turning up at his local and playing Hac tunes. One night this guy gets on the mic and asks for DJs to help him out with some upcoming club events, with 20 records to his name Sasha says he’ll do it. Very quickly Sasha becomes a draw guesting at Bugsys in Ashton-Under-Lyme, The Hacienda Manchester and the massive Hipnosis raves held in the North East. Its not however until Shaboo his residency in Blackpool that you find 1000 people in a queue just waiting to see him… word is spreading. When Shaboo closes its doors, six months pass without a gig, Sasha considers jacking it all in.. then the legendary Shelleys happens,... this is where the reputation is forged…. where it all starts…. The Legend… The Man Like Sasha.

Pete Tong on Sasha – ‘ He’s someone whose value system of what makes a great DJ and what makes a great night epitomises most of the things I believe. He always seeks to challenge the dancefloor – He won’t just play loads of stuff you know, but he also won’t just batter you over the head and ‘educate’ you. He understands entertainment, He’s one of those people who can pick up your bag of records and make them work and that ability is quite rare. He could go to your house and rock your party with your records better than you could.. That’s what he’s like…. He lives for playing'.

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