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Playboys & Helicopter..freshblood remixers.

Early nineties.. remix culture was becoming increasingly popular, this great DJ mag piece from 93 explores two prolific teams.. Playboys and Helicopter. Both have an impressive remix back catalogue but for me when I saw a Playboys remix it was generally always a definite purchase, that's not to say I avoided Helicopter I didn't, Playboys just always seemed a bit more consistent in the particular sound that ticked boxes for me. Breaking them both down.. firstly we have Playboys.. Jeremy Reid (Pizzaman with Norman Cook) and Tim Jeffery, these guys ran the Loaded label and went on to run the incredibly successful Skint imprint and, Secondly we have Helicopter.. Dylan Barnes (Prophets of Sound) and Simon Ratcliffe (Basement Jaxx). Some really serious dance music pedigrees right there..

Playboys - we describe our sound as transatlantic.. Helicopter - we were really going up a blind alley with 'On Ya Way'..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - December 1993

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