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PHC - 1992 Snapshot..

Had a scan through the hard drive tonight and had a whole lot of bits from mid to late 1992, decided to put them all together in a small snap shot blog post.. So much was happening.. Exciting time for music..


John Digweed.. Early days on the finest medium.. Vinyl

Leftfield smash Ultra Nate..

D:Ream - UR The Best Thing.. Sasha's mix became an anthem..

Compass Error - 'Not particularly instant or memorable but quite appealing' ..

2018 - Classic Status

Fabi on remix duties..

Lisa Loud tells it how it is... and left to right FABI PARAS.. arguably 92's finest DJ..

Harrison went on to be lead figure in the UK Garage Scene... Under the guise of Nush we had some belters..

Justin Robertson.. always Most Excellent.

Early Rapino Brothers sample based production..

No introduction on this..

DJ Mag HYPE Charts... THE Exclusive Chart..

DJ Mag Club Chart

Great year ... Progressive House was an umbrella, so many great styles pulled into many great DJ sets.. 'House Music All Night Long'..

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