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MOS - The £500,000 sound system..

The sound system was originally tested to 156 decibels..

Hard to believe that the Ministry of Sound has been with us for 30 years now. Drawing inspiration from the Paradise Garage in New York the clubs original whopping 23K sound system reportedly cost somewhere in the region of £500,000 and featured a state of the art set up including Technics decks, CD decks, DAT machines, audio cassette decks and even a laser disc player. This was then complemented by a custom built speaker system based on a Richard Long design - (RL being the designer behind the New York rig they hoping to replicate at 103 Gaunt Street, London). To put the whole thing in perspective, by todays standards with inflation this installation would be around £900,000.

In 1992 seven months after the initial club launch DJ magazine and former DMC world champion Chad Jackson were invited along to check out exactly what half a million quid of carefully selected nightclub sound system equipment looks like..

A very impressive feature on the mixer was a bass, mid and treble cut out..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - April 1992

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