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Limbo Deliver Mukka...

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Re-releases I've always been a fan of, I think its good idea for great tracks to be made available to a new generation, especially in a digital format, it benefits all.

Something I am always cautious of.. classic, brilliant tracks being remixed, its a minefield that often leads to disappointment. When Limbo contacted PHC this week with information on the release of a new set of mixes for Mukka - Buruchacca... it was with a sense of trepidation that I proceeded opening the accompanying press kit. Its a feeling I generally get, that staple track with so many great memories that you feel should have been left well alone... If you love your music you know the one. On this occasion however, listening through the tracks the label had kindly sent over, I'm thinking, 'I'd play that'... to all four, for me that's rare.

This remix package from one of THE heavyweight prog labels of the nineties, (most would hold it up there with Guerilla, Jackpot and Cowboy), really has delivered. It could be argued that other labels looking to release remixed versions of seminal tracks should look at what Limbo have done here, a perfect example of current talent being pulled together to produce a stand out package that spans style and musical influence whilst keeping the all important feel of the original. I've often felt with some of the recent remixed classics the fact that we only have one mix as THE mix leads us to the decision that its either good or bad, what Limbo give us here is a choice, and with this track the choice is bloody brilliant...

Choose your weapons..

The Remixers
The Package

Audio Noir Remix

Paul Hawcroft Remix

Haus On Fire Remix

Damon Hess & Will Mac Remix

Had a quick scan through the racks and found the original mailout sheet for Mukka - Buruchacca.. Don't need to remind anybody about what a 'Floor Missile' this track was.. Devastating..

For me a definite 5 dancing men for 2019.

Tracks can be obtained here:

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