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Justin Robertson - Most excellent roots and culture..

Kicking off the Easter weekend with an interview from a legend who always had a taste for Prog back in the early nineties... Justin Robertson..

JR with the 1990 Balearic ten... Mixmag March 1990

DJ Magazine DJ Profile - Early 90s

Listed in DJ Mag Top 100 DJs - Mid 90s

So many great things to say about Justin Robertson.. DJ, remixer, and producer. A native of Manchester, Robertson earned a degree in philosophy before taking a job as a record clerk in the Eastern Bloc record shop. He began his DJ Career in Manchester and his early 90s clubs - Spice and Most Excellent - were hugely influential and cornerstones of the burgeoning dance movement.

The Chemical Brothers, then students in the city, cited him as their mentor. His Rebellious Jukebox club - also in Manchester - pre-empted the Heavenly Social and the mid 90s trend for mish-mashing musical styles. In the 90s Justin generally operated under various nom de stages, the most renowned being Lionrock with whom he scored several Top 40s hits - 'Rudeboy Rock' and 'Packet Of Peace' among them - and appeared on Top Of The Pops in a dashing purple suit opting for gramophones over Technics. Robertson released his solo debut, "Roots and Culture"/"Lionrock," on his own Most Excellent label in 1992 and was signed by pop/dance label Deconstruction in 1993. Robertson released an additional EP, Packet of Peace, on Deconstruction in April of 1993 before settling in to record his full-length debut. Released late the following year as Lionrock, ‘An Instinct for Detection’ it was an ambitious effort to say the least, scads of instrumentation resolutely untraditional by U.K. dance music standards, mixed and matched with dirty house breaks and aggressive but accessible arrangements this today remains something of a cult favorite. Justin Robertson continues to play a mix of techno and electronic house at clubs such as The Loft in Barcelona, Pacha in Buenos Aires, Bugged Out in Manchester, Shine in Belfast, Chibuku in Liverpool, Together in London, and at various clubs all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Write up first appeared in the group in April 2009... for a complete low down check out

Justin Robertson - March 1993 - Classic Prog/House Belter

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