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Heller & Farley - Dynamic Duo

Remixing - The song to start with has to be good..

Many of us in prog circles will have fond memories of Heller & Farley. The Roach Motel and Fire Island aliases have produced some exceptional music and when you look back all stand the test of time very well holding a solid position in the evolution of UK house. It is for most of us though the remix of Perfect Motion that holds a very special place in our dance floor memories, a beautifully emotive production that became an anthem at Renaissance for Sasha & Digweed. Here, one year after that remix we have a DJ magazine interview catching up with the duo to talk remixing, clubs and DJing. Its 1993..

DJs educating the crowd. Thats crap, the crowd educate the DJ..

Article first appeared in DJ magazine - January 1993

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