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Gypsy - Trancing in Limbo..

"People assume that because my stuff gets played in clubs I must be a DJ.."

Once described as one of the most hardworking guys in house music, Glasgow born Graham Drinnan can lay claim to a whole host of club classics. The guy behind Gypsy, Coyote (with Zammo), Havana (with Richard Miller and Tony Scott) and Sublime (with Mathew Brown) has a number of tracks that simply put never leave a DJs record box. I Trance You - released when he was just 18, Theme, Funk De Fino, Trans American and TGV. All absolute winners. Here DJ magazine in a rare interview talk to Richard about production, music and the Havana break up..

A Limbo Records legend..

Some of the people I idolise are classical composers..

Article first appeared in DJ magazine - December 1996

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