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Guerilla Records.. Early 90's Game Changer..

You cannot have a conversation about the history of UK house music without mentioning Guerilla Records.. Looking back on things in 2019 its apparent that this label would have a far reaching effect on dance music worldwide, back then I think we just embraced it looking no further than the next weekend party.. Progressive House and the Guerilla sound were a turning point for many in the early nineties, we had our fill of warehouse parties and the sound there was getting quicker, dare I say it we were becoming a bit bored ?.. The new sound being spearheaded by Guerilla was a welcome, refreshing change, something different and boy did it deliver.. This DJ Mag special from 1992 gives a great insight into the forward thinking team behind the label, plus a link to download the cover mount Justin Robertson Guerilla Mastermix... Ive spliced the tape into a continual mix.. so no turning the tape over..

Press play for Guerilla..
Guerilla Records..
At Guerilla HQ they put something in the coffee..
Picture yourself on a dancefloor..
Spooky.. musical influences.. "early techno, Fingers Inc, a lot of rock, Brian Eno.. ambient stuff.. We draw from a load of different styles"..
"A lot of house music sounds great when your off your face.. We want our stuff to sound just as good when you get home"..

Cover mount mix tape featured with the DJ Mag Guerilla special..

Click the link for access to the full Justin Robertson Guerilla cover mount mix

Had this made up a while back.. wore it to the 'Sasha live at the Barbican' event.. immediate conversation starter..

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