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Geoff Oakes explains the 'Broken Table'

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Renaissance supremo Geoff Oakes let everyone into a little known fact via one of the Sasha Facebook groups recently relating to the 1991 'Storming Heaven' Sasha remix..

Geoff Oakes explains - The Broken Table was a bit of a secret society... it was the name we gave to the weekly afterparties at my house in the early 90's Shelley's era that usually went on for 3 or 4 days, and it's where the idea for Renaissance was forged...

Sasha would DJ in my bedroom for 24hrs or often much longer every week... I had a dodgy breakfast-bar in the kitchen that fell over every time you touched it... as Dan Prince will testify to?...

Dan Prince comments - Have you ever been to someone's house for the first time after a really cool club night. Everyone there, the DJs, promoters...a lot of industry. And you walk past a table crammed full of shit...that collapses !!... and the WHOLE room goes quiet and looks at you... that fucking table...

Original post can be found in the Facebook Group: Sasha 'Alexander Coe, The Man Like'

Together - Storming Heaven (Sasha's Broken Table remix)

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