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FSOL - Paranoid? you should be..

Future Sound of London.. Its the real thing.

With Future Sound of London it was of course the success of the 'Papua New Guinea' single and the signing to Virgin Records that the saw the duo move off in an experimental direction following the 1991 Accelerator album. This 1994 Mixmag special covers those key early years. Well worth a read..

Lifeforms is a musical vision of a future suffering from delusions of persecution..
Future Sound of London.. Hyper Realism..
The Future Sound of London actually started life in Manchester in 1985..
Cobain is good on melody but lacks the leftfield weirdness Dougan supplies..
Cobain enlisted the the help of Cocteau Twins vocalist Liz Fraser on Lifeforms..

Article originally appeared in Mixmag - May 1994

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