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Fluke Review Sasha

First published in Muzik magazine 1996

Fluke review Sasha Ohmna/Arkham Asylum

Deconstruction Records

FUNNY one this. The promotions company, on instruction from the record label presumably , wouldn't mail out advance promos of the track to either the press or DJs. Therefore in order for Fluke to review it, a cassette was hand delivered under guard, then taken away again. A cynic might argue that this puerile pantomime was mildly ore entertaining than the EP itself. Not quite, perhaps, but it certainly seemed so during the 10 minute intro's.

Jon (Fluke) : “Its rather Vangelis-ish, isn't it ? Very large, Epic. When your in the mood for this kind of stuff, it can be great.”

*** 3/5 stars Mike (Fluke) : Yeah, I quite like this. Erm, there's a nice kind of atmospheric feel to it. **** 4/5 stars

Personally still think this is one of Sasha's best productions..

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