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Fabi Paras Returns..

Updated: May 13, 2019

Yep you read that right.. You really did read that right..

What a week.. Fellow blog/group contributor Marcus sends me a message.. 'Have you seen this..?'

Now I take a quick look at the message and for a few seconds nothing registers.. I then fall off my chair.. Fabi Paras is on the flyer..

Now if your reading this hopefully you're gonna know exactly what i'm talking about here. Last year in April we did our first piece on the elusive Prog Champion.. The final sentence..

The mystery around Fabi Paras and his departure from the dance music scene has always been shrouded in rumour, some may have known what happened but as time moved on all sorts of situations were being thrown into the mix. Our original piece is in the link below, we eventually updated that with some info confirming that Fabi had in fact taken himself out of the whole scene for whats described as 'personal reasons'.

Full blog post here..

We Are Balearic & Full Circle bring Fabi Paras out of retirement..

Prog supremo Phil Perry has now after twenty odd years finally done the impossible as his recent Facebook post stated..

'Something i have been trying to achieve for the the last 4 Full Circle alldayers and something that a lot of people have wanted to hear , So i am so stoked to announce a extra name to the line up of Djs ,,,,, So looking forward to hearing FABI PARAS playing for us on the August bank holiday alldayer , Welcome back Fabi.'

For many of us this news really is something special, I've often ruffled a few feathers making comparisons to the likes of Sasha, but you cannot overstate the importance of a figure such as Fabi Paras in the evolution of UK dance music. Check out the mixes and track links below to give you some idea of exactly how good, talented and significant this guy really is...

Featured Fabi Paras mixes available to stream and download

Production and remix duties

The Aloof - On A Mission

Whyte - Promises

React 2 Rhythm - i Know You Like It

Sound Clash Republic - Too Stoned To Mix

So on August 25th we have a real party on the cards.. Progressive House Classics are arranging a bit of a meet up. Myself, Wasim & Marcus will all be in attendance and in the run up we'll have mixes and articles tying into the event. Alongside Fabi Paras & Chicago house legend Jesse Saunders we have support including Phil Perry, Alex Savvides, Terry Farley, Nancy Noise, Leo Mas and XPress2.. This really is an unmissable event..

If Fabi Paras is coming out of retirement then so are we ..

tickets are available via the link below. Flyer has full details.

Progressive House Classics posts that may be of interest featuring Fabi..

August 25th - We'll see you on the dance floor..

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