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Essential Mix Adverts - 12 months & 4 mix CDs

Full page adverts for the Essential Mix series featured in various publications including Muzik and Mixmag. All four mix CDs appeared within a twelve month period. Arguably there was only ever 1 mix from each release which really stood out and with only 45 minutes to highlight their sound, featured DJ's were in reality up against it.

Interestingly Sasha's mix became the talking point in 1995 for featuring only four tracks but when you check the timings its clear he played 4 tracks in their entirety and other mixes on the album featured 2-3 minute segments.

Standout Mixes

Essential Mix 1- Sasha - 1995

Essential Mix 2 - John Digweed - 1996

Essential Mix 3 - Dave Seaman - 1996

Essential Mix 4 - Paul Oakenfold - 1996

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