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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

"We intend to add loads of new ideas to what's essentially trance music"..

A Thursday night was always the way to start a weekend and long before Bedrock took up the mantle at Heaven a group of friends put together something that went on to be very special. The Drum Club took place in the Sound Shaft, Heaven's little sister club and featured regular appearances from the likes of Fabi Paras, Darren Emerson, Youth, Billy Nasty, Derrick May, Rad Rice, Phil Perry, Simon Cross, DOP, Justin Robertson, Dave Angel, Digs & Woosh, Ritchie Hawtin, David Holmes, Andy Weatherall and DJ Dag. You see the pattern here? It was without doubt one of the most important clubs of its time, Fabi Paras recently told me in an interview that the DC dance floor was always a great place to road test new material and the same must have been true for Charlie Hall and Lol Hammond as they worked their way through numerous remixes and productions. Here DJ mag catch up with the duo to talk Sound Shaft and production..

Article first appeared in DJ magazine - January 1993

In 2020 Charlie Hall broadcast a special show for Portobello Radio talking all about the Drum Club. The show includes a live mix of DC classics.

The Drum Club at Sound Shaft Craven Street London

Flyers courtesy of Simon Cross - Drum Club resident DJ

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