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Deep Dish - Underground Duo..

There was no shortage of interest within the industry..

It was the launch pad of De'Lacey's Hideaway that really seemed to bring production/DJ/remix duo Deep Dish to the attention of clubland back in the mid-nineties. Throughout their career they've given us a huge amount of material with remixes spanning the likes of Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, BT, Danny Tenaglia and Ashley Beedle. We had several Global Underground releases that are worth hunting down if you've not heard them and a pretty solid back catalogue of their own productions. Always hard to pick an actual favourite but for me its 'Stay Gold' from the 'Junk Science' long player in 1998, a luscious, blissed out piece of quality house music that sits perfectly in virtually any type of set. This producer profile from 1995 catches up with them as De'Lacey explodes..

Somebody in the studio was trying to explain that one part wasn't in key. I was like, I don't give a shit it sounds good..
Deep Dish's attention to detail bordered on the obsessive..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - October 1995

Promo card for the Junk Science album - 1998

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