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Danny Rampling - The 10 Year Interview

This is a fantastic interview with Dom Phillips at the controls.

Understandably many will not link Danny Rampling to Progressive House, most will associate him with Acid House, American Garage and Goa Trance. Danny was a DJ that perhaps never really 'nailed his colours to the mast' shall we say... In the early to mid nineties however we saw numerous appearances at amongst others two very important prog clubs, Love Ranch and Renaissance, the music style was consistent. Alongside the article we have a rare mix highlighting the period. Read on, enjoy and click play on the mix..

Regular appearances at the spiritual home of 'Prog' Renaissance Mansfield

But while we know the Sasha story and the Pete Tong story and the Paul Oakenfold story. we know very little about Rampling.

Danny Rampling was a regular at the infamous Love Ranch

Article first appeared in Mixmag January 1997


Danny Rampling mixing up (live) a brilliant blend of american garage, house and prog belters. The mix features the classic DJ H feat Stefy - C'mon Boy, Larry Levans final remix available initially only on a handful of whites and a track that Danny pioneered at Love Ranch. The mix is a great example of his style during that early/mid nineties period.

Available to download and stream

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