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Club UK - Techno, Prog & House

Club UK, based in Wandsworth, London.. designed and programmed by Sean (Love Ranch) McLusky successfully challenged the dominance of several well-established clubs including Ministry of Sound, drawing over 3000 people every Friday and Saturday. Arguably initially known for classic techno nights the 'Mother Earth' and later 'Pop Art' room went on to feature the regular DJ talents of Fabi Paras, Rad Rice, John Digweed, Andrew Weatherall, Charlie (Drum Club) Hall, CJ Bolland, Gayle San, Phil Perry, Dean Thatcher and Marc Auberach.

Club UK article from DJ Magazine August 1993

DJ magazine full page advert December 1993

Club UK flyer booklet 1994

DJ magazine full page advert mid nineties

Club listings DJ magazine - mid nineties

For all the great line-ups, music and crowd, behind the scenes stories did emerge of the security team taxing punters and having links to organised crime. (search - The Essex Boys / Rettenden Murders for the full background).

We also had the rumour that the water supply was cut down to a dribble forcing clubbers into handing over £1.50 for a bespoke bottle (pictured left). The club was originally a shopping centre with very little air conditioning... fuelled by ecstasy, the heat, sweat and condensation could at times be almost unbearable. The water supply issue was not confined to Club UK, numerous unscrupulous promoters seemed to be involved in this rather shady practise which did see some attention from the press at the time.

Full page advert from DJ magazine October 1995

DJ magazine full page advert June 1995

Muzik reports on one of several police raids at the Wandsworth club in 1995, eventually this would spell the end of Club UK.

'Drugs - Club UK is no better or worse than any other club in London of that type'

I think we can all agree.. £12 - 10.00pm til 6.00am - an average of 12 top DJs.. they don't make club night's like this anymore...

For a further read, great article here..

'Club UK: Love,Ecstasy & Crime'

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