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Chris Fortier talks Delerium - Silence

UK press release for the release of our Fade Sanctuary Remix of Delerium"Silence" (courtesy of Jay Dobie and Progressive House Classics group). We first recorded the remix Summer of 1998 that was supposed to be an exclusive track to Nettwerk Music Group in house compilation series "Plastic". it was heavily championed by John Digweed that summer who i gave to early as we were still working on it and then Sasha where it truly took off. Others followed early on like Dave Seaman and more, including Joanna Massive cleverly convincing the label to press up copies for her shop or it would get bootlegged. as the year progressed, the UK offices for Nettwerk kept pressure on home office in Canada to do official release which finally came early in 1999. the version on S&D Expeditions CD includes the dub we did that was never released, and the vinyl release of that album actually uses a very early version of the mix that was not the final arrangement and included dj friendly beat outro too.

Words: Chris Fortier

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