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Champions - Fabi Paras

Updated: May 26, 2018

Write up first appeared in the group in September 2009

For all the digging about you do theres strangely not that much information on Fabio Paras. In many peoples opinion this guy was THE original progressive pioneer and for a while in the early 90s he had the sound completely sewn up. Its reported that Paras started Djing around 1988 whilst the Acid House phenomena was reaching fever pitch, he then along with good friend Nicky Holloway played the summer at the Project Bar in San Antonio Ibiza. Upon returning to the UK at the end of the season, along with numerous guest appearances Paras started a line of genre defining residencies which included The Astoria, The Monkey Drum, The Limelight and Flying. At some point around 1990-91 Paras launched the Junk Rock label and released his first track - Eastern Mysteries. As time moved on production and DJ work flourished working with Terry Farley to produce Primal Screams seminal Come Together, releasing the classic Tall & Handsome under the alias Outrage plus numerous remixes for Guerilla, Cowboy, Solid Pleasure, R&S and Mute. Many agree however his critically acclaimed 1992 Soundclash Project - Birth Of Shiva Shanti long player was his defining moment, this was eventually taken out live in 1993 with a sellout appearance at the Ministry Of Sound. After all of this, well things get a little sketchy, bizarrely overlooked by the media Fabio Paras seems to disappear along with an array of UK Djs from the period. Its rumoured there were real problems burning out on the recreational stuff and that he was known to be regularly in Music & Video Exchange selling his collection just to get by. The saddest rumour concerns the fact that he is actually dead.. Who knows? Wether any of the above are truths or not Fabio Paras was one of the UK finest Djs its widely agreed he was a first wave progressive house DJ (with the Sasha & Digweed Renaissance thing being the second) that produced some genre defining moments. When you think of Fabio Paras you think of drums, percussion and Eastern influences…. Where are you now Fabio Paras ?

2018 Update

It came about after much discussion that Fabi had in fact taken himself out of the whole scene for whats described as 'personal reasons'. Hes alive and well and its understood he married Shelley Boswell (Gardening Club) and settled down. He now has two teenage daughters and works as a painter & decorator somewhere in London.

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