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BT - Its good to talk..

Nocturnal Transmission and Quark were inspired by nature..

What can you say about BT? The guy is a genius. He started producing music around 1989 but for most of us its 1993's 'Embracing the Future' where things start to get interesting. The 1995 release of 'IMA' on Perfecto then turned out to be a game changer. I don't think anybody could quite believe what they were hearing on first listen, an impeccably smooth soundscape that immediately grabbed your attention, each part left you wondering just how he actually got all those sounds together in one track. Its worth noting that BT holds multiple patents for an audio technique called 'Audio Stuttering' (look that up its amazing) and he holds a world record for using the largest number of vocal edits in his track 'Somnambulist'.. that's 6178.. absolutely mind blowing. Here's an interview from January 1996 talking the move from garage, working with Mike Oldfield and a possible collaboration with Tori Amos.

Its going to be a wicked record..
BT began classical piano training at the age of 4..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - August 1995

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