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Billy Kiltie - Running Scotland's hottest record shop and label..

This week we head back to 1993 and a DJ magazine article about the hugely popular record shop 23rd Precinct. Originally opened by an ex-New York police officer (yep you read that right) and yes he was based at the '23rd Precinct' in NY, the shop was taken over by Billy Kiltie sometime around 1989 and this is where the prog story starts.. a legendary record store and a hugely influential record label - Limbo. It can be argued that the shops label has a big stake in the roots of UK progressive house and rightly so, tracks such as Gypsy – I Trance You, Havana – Schtoom/Ethnic Prayer and Sublime – Sublime are bonafide entries into what was the new, uniquely British house sound. A great early interview with Billy talking all things 23..

"I think its the small labels that are keeping the scene alive because the majors seem to have lost it" - Billy Kiltie

Lil Louis - Music saved my life.. "We got knocked for that" explains Tony.. Pete Tong said "Do what you want with it" and we wanted to make it a tranced up progressive record. But seemingly because it was an American garage tune, a lot of people knocked us for it"... No mate, it was the dog bollocks..

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine - January 1993

Limbo / 23rd Precinct Merchandise is available here..

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