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Anthony Pappa - KILTR Interview

Arguably the most humble and technically adept DJ I've ever had the pleasure of sharing a set of turntables with. Meeting Anthony Pappa was a great experience that came from a phone call after a lunch with Nick Gordon Brown discussing a forthcoming Stress Records promotion. Don't think i've ever witnessed somebody program a set of records in the same way AP did that night, He also asked for some feedback on a project he was working on.... that turned out to be Freefall - Skydive.. Great times - Jay Dobie

We caught up with our upcoming guest Anthony Pappa ahead of tonight’s birthday party at the Slyfox. The Global Underground and Renaissance legend gave us some insights into his experience of the scene over his expansive career and also told us about his horrific accident a couple of years ago, which almost ended everything for him. We’re glad to hear that he’s made a strong recovery and we’re delighted that he’s joining us under those infamous lampshades tomorrow night!! Get down there early and don’t miss a second of what we’re sure will be a very memorable 3 hour set!!

KILTR - Hi Anthony, We can’t tell you how much we’re looking forward to tomorrow night! It’s been around 8months or so since you last played up here, do you enjoy coming up here to play? And how does it compare to Melbourne?

AP - I love coming up to Sydney to play and l’m super excited about the gig tomorrow night and honoured to be playing at your 1st birthday party. The Sydney and Melbourne scene has always been different. To be honest l play overseas more than l do in Melbourne so it’s hard for me to compare.

KILTR - Can you fill us in on your last couple of years?

AP - Going back over the last couple of years it’s been a huge roller coaster for me. In May 2016 l was involved in a very serious car accident which l was very lucky to survive. I broke both my legs, my arm and my back in 2 places. Was hospitalised for 4 months and confined to a wheelchair. After 18 months of Physiotherapy and learning to walk again l re built myself physically and mentally and have only been back to DJing in the last 8 months or so. It’s been a challenge but l’m grateful to still be here and this second chance of life.

KILTR – That sounds awful! Amazing you’ve made such a strong recovery and it’s great to see you back on the scene!

KILTR - We notice you were in Mexico last week, how was that?

AP - Mexico was great. It’s one of my favourite places to play. Been playing there consistently over the last 20 years.

KILTR - How does the Mexico club scene compare to Australia’s?

AP - Well it’s a lot bigger. Bigger population, more people, more clubbers plus the party/club atmosphere is amazing. Do you change your preparation at all depending on the city / country your performing in? I always prepare my sets in the same way. It’s my style, my sound and within my preparation set is my genre from Tech House, Progressive House and Techno then what l play on the night depends on the club, set time and crowd.

KILTR - You’ve been a big part of the scene for over 20 years now. How have you seen it evolve and what would you say are the biggest differences in today’s club scene compared to that of 20 years ago?

AP - A lot of the trends tend to repeat themselves. I would have to say the biggest differences today is the technology and the way DJ’s perform with USB sticks and laptops. But at the end of the day the way l see it is a good true DJ will always read the crowd and educate and program the music accordingly. This skill and art form has not changed and it’s one thing thank god that the technology can’t do. It’s the human input that still makes DJing for a DJ.

KILTR - Global Underground’s Nu-Breed series of mixes shone a light on a number of artists that have gone on to become Royalty within the scene, including yourself Lee Burridge, Danny Howells, Satoshi Tomiie and so on. What was it like for you at the time being asked to produce the first mix in the series and how did things change for you after the mix was released?

AP - It was huge. It was such an honour to do the first mix in the series and the exposure was massive. I remember driving through London and seeing a picture of me (the album cover) on a massive billboard and l almost crashed my car as l was gobsmacked.

KILTR - We are really excited about your set tonight. It is going to be pretty special seeing you play in such and intimate setting. What can we expect to hear?

AP - Very excited about playing tomorrow night. Loads of great underground tunes and some proper bombs will be played.

Many thanks to Anthony Pappa & KILTR

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