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Viva Ibiza '94

The coolest destination for a hot 1994 summer of clubbing?

So with the summer well and truly upon us it seemed suitable to publish this early nineties Mixmag Ibiza special. We're all aware of how the island has transformed over the last 30 years and arguably its just not what it once was, today we have an almost gentrified version which seems to be all about a glitzy VIP bling culture. I might be wrong, I've not visited for about 20 years so my perception of the island is only from speaking to friends and acquaintances coupled with what I see on social media but it is most definitely a different animal, the laws, the clubs, the music and of course the clientele. I saw an advert the other day for Ushuaia premium vodka.. (shakes head) I rest my case. Anyway, here we have a great 4 page article that's kind of a 'first timers' guide to the white isle in the early nineties..

Its more amazing when you play it to the sunset..
If you've never been before its a jungle out there..
On arrival at the airport don't get a taxi..
Ibiza basically splits in half..
SOAK & Up Yer Ronson full page advert - Mixmag 1994

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