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Stress Records Relaunches for 2018

So after the news of the Stress relaunch we decided to get in touch for a little more information on just what might be happening with the iconic dance brand in 2018.

Luke McFarlane of Material Music was good enough to give us some info..

London-based music company, Material Music, has re-launched the iconic Stress Records with a fresh, 90’s inspired house track - Prospa’s ‘Prayer’ – as its first release. The track has already been awarded Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World on BBC Radio One and perfectly captures the original spirit of 90’s dance music that Stress was so famous for.

Working in partnership with musical innovators, DMC, the collaboration aims to reinvent the label by signing new emerging talent that delivers a modern spin on the classic 90’s sound that UK dance floors are craving. Material will be representing both the existing catalogue, as well as signing new artists to the Stress imprint.

Stress was the seminal dance label throughout the 90’s that introduced the world to epic superstar DJs Bedrock (John Digweed), Brothers in Rhythm (Dave Seaman), Full Intention, and many more. It spearheaded the emerging progressive and Italian House sound of the early 90’s and sold hundreds of thousands of records over 150+ releases worldwide.

Material has added the partnership to its growing catalogue and roster that includes the record labels Needwant and Future Disco.

DMC is best known for its World DJ championship that takes place each year throughout the world. They were also the original company behind the Mixmag magazine empire.

Managing Director of Material Music, Sean Brosnan, comments, “I grew up buying Stress Records and was always a big fan of the label. With such a strong revival of 90’s inspired dance music happening right now, it makes sense to give dance music fans the chance to experience the original sound of Stress, whilst also presenting fresh music that fits the trademark but with an updated sound.”

Daniel Prince, of DMC commented ‘It fills us with so much pride to see the return of one of the most loved brands in dance music history. The Stress Records catalogue conjurs up so many incredible memories from the dance floor. We are so excited to be working with Material and bringing more musical pleasure to old fans and new.’

Obviously there is the burning question for the label...

Are there plans for the back catalogue be digitised ?...

Who knows ?...

Watch this space...

For more info contact:

Prospa - Praya (Stress Records 2018)

Available over at

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