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Hybrid.. big in Japan..

Going back to 99/00 the Hybrid lads had dance music sewn up. Their debut album Wide Angle was released to critical acclaim across the board, singles followed, tracks were featured in movies, computer games, TV programmes and adverts. 'Wide Angle' sits alongside the likes of 'Leftism' and 'The Javelin' as an all time dance music masterpiece featuring a wide array of talent including Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks theme) and the Russian Federal Orchestra. DJ mag followed the lads to Japan and gave us this great six page insight into the band that were dubbed..

the future sound of electronic music..

Tokyo, Japan, August 2000... Somewhere
The original Hybrid line up

From left - Mike Truman, Chris Healings, Jamie Griffith, Lee Mullin

So many classical musicians are bored with playing the same old stuff all the time..
Hybrid magical moment?.. Bedrock July 8th 1999
"You haven't got a clue who I am", smiles Lee as he writes Hybrid on the back of one particularly eager fans t-shirt..
The boys look relaxed, calm. Ready for whatever the music biz can throw at them..
The magazine ad.. spotted just about everywhere
The 9/10 DJ mag review

Article originally appeared in DJ magazine Aug/Sept 1999

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