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Going Full Circle - One Last Time..

'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.' - R.Batty. Full Circle regular on the news that this will be the final party.

It is without doubt the hottest ticket in town for the Bank Holiday Weekend. We've had a venue change , the news that Fabi Paras will be coming out of retirement and Phil Perry has announced that this will be his final party.

We've gone..

In a social media post on July 24th Phil Perry gave us the statement below..

And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, of which I'm certain

This was Sung by Elvis on one of he’s many comebacks, we’ve only had one

But this is the last, Because I always wanted to make the 30 years of FC and this is the year , It is now time to let FC graze in the pasture that is club history , And boy have we made some over the years , We have had most of the now big names you can care to think about from the US / UK and Europe ,You name them we’ve had them , I was once asked by a journo why I never took FC bigger and stage large events , But Dwarfs riding round on unicorns in tutu’s and half naked dancing girls on stages in Neon were never mine and Fiona’s thing , We did it for the love of House music and that showed with the decent djs that we put on over the years and still continue to do so until the end , It’s been a great ride , Fantastic friendships have been forged that continue until this day , There have been relationships and marriages come from it that are still going strong today , There have been Djs come through the door that no one knew or heard that have gone on to Stella heights making music for films, with bands , Producers ,or as actors. But most of all of you members made it what it truly is and that can never be taken away , It gives me more satisfaction and joy knowing that we did it Our Way and never sold out for the big event, Because Music was the answer for us,

I thank all of you that came over the years for your support, I thank all the DJs and Artists that played for us over the 30 years, If you feel like it come and say goodbye.


Phil, and I should imagine from Fiona to X


Its all about the heritage..

Mixmag - Club Country Listing - April 1992

DJ Magazine - Top Ten Clubs - 1992

DJ Magazine Top Ten - October 1991

DJ Magazine - May 1992


So Sunday 25th August we have a rather large party on our hands. Its almost inconceivable not to think about attending the last hurrah for a clubbing membership that has its roots firmly buried in the love of great music.



Celebrate the 30th anniversary of infamous Sunday after party FULL CIRCLE

1.00pm -Midnight Venue: Brixton Jamm - 261 Brixton Roa, Brixton, London SW9 6LH

Huge outdoor area with DJs on the terrace until 9pm! Cocktails, Full Bar & Caribbean Food served throughout the day.

Main Room / Terrace DJs

Jesse Saunders - Chicago House Legend

The Legendary Fabi Paras

Terry Farley

Nancy Noise

Leo Mas


Phil Perry

Alex Savvides

Phil Mison

Gareth Morgan

Steve Lee

Davey G

Groover Washington


Check out the previous post Going Full Circle for an early doors look at the legendary Sunday institution.


As Fabi Paras prepares to come out of retirement to play the final Full Circle, MFM REMix with Mark Cooper featured a telephone interview with the man himself.

The interview was broadcast live on Friday 16th August. Hit the link to listen.


All good things come to an end, and as the DJ mag feature explains Full Circle were one of the originals and six years in clubland was quite something... now its THIRTY, time to put one of the greatest clubbing brands away for good.. Everybody involved has always worked hard to preserve the heritage of Full Circle, respecting the loyal regular Sunday crew and always welcoming guests with open arms..

Thank you for everything Phil Perry... It's been a blast.


Check out the sound of Full Circle


Available to stream & download

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