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20000 Blog Hits = Top 20 DJs:Y2K

We could argue that back in 2000 the DJ magazine Top100 DJ list was perhaps far more relevant than it is today. Does anybody really even look at it anymore ? is it still a gauge for what's really happening out there in clubland. Y2K was a phenomenal year for Progressive House and below is a snapshot of the top20. We have Sasha admitting his style is "drunken progressive house", Digweed calling Danny Tenaglia "incredible" and Danny Howells hailing Patrick Cowley's mix of I Feel Love as a firm favourite. For me the best thing about this chart was seeing the 'prog house don' - Anthony Pappa make an appearance, arguably should have been a much higher placing for such a technically proficient DJ but all the same he was there and boy did he bring something special to the table. Read on and enjoy the nostalgia - The greatest DJs in the world Y2K.

Thousands upon thousands voted by fax and email
"Its absolutely unbelievable" - exclaims Sasha
Sasha comes alive behind the decks..
Y2K... A vintage year for John
"Things have gone deeper and darker"
DJ mag caught a cab round to Danny's..
Its just a typo for Dany..
Seb Fontaine - "When I started no one was famous"...
Dave Seaman - Why DJ ? "To meet girls"...
Timo's keyword is funky.. Nick Warren's DJ style is 6ft 2"
"When the needle drops the bullshit stops".. A.Pappa

Originally appeared in Nov/Dec2000 DJ magazine No78/Vol2

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